Friday, December 19, 2008

When you move...

It is hard to imagine what daily life here looks like. Well- It is exactly the same way you lived at home. People wear pretty much the same clothes, (I live in jeans or capris as I did in San Diego) we were the same jewelry and the same shoes. Don't think that 3 shirts will cut it. Just think living here in Africa is living in a small city. Just don't think you are camping here. There are nice places to eat out and friends parties to go to. So bring dressy clothes too. and Men bring a suit to wear. There is a market that you can go and buy used clothes and shoes and belts and everything under the sun. But it is kinda like digging for a needle in haystack. Some people love it and other don't. So you can get some clothes here. People have found tuxes, sparkly dresses and every name brand you can think of in that place. You just gotta find a good digger and be patient as you dig and find the treasures.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wireless router

Unless you are certain the house you're moving into has one, buy a $40 wireless router at Walmart before you leave. They are $250 in Malawi.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mosquito nets

Available here for ~$20 for the ones with the big ring at the top. ~$40-50 for the box shaped ones, and for $15 you can have a frame built for hanging above your bed...definitely worth it. You can buy the deltamethrin (like permethrin) to treat your nets over here (anti-mosquito) for less than forty cents. It's made by Bayer, so I feel good about the quality.

Bottom line: Buy and treat mosquito nets in Malawi.

For small children-it is recommended to have a net to cover strollers or car seats for those evening walks to and from potluck. You can buy them in the states. I also have a few to give away if needed. -Bethany